The Cavebones / Bastard Bar

  • Fredag, 15.10.2021
  • 18:00 - 03:00
  • Konsertstart: 21:00

Strandgata 22

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The Cavebones have been terrorizing small venues around Norway with their psyched out and deranged fuck-up-a-billy for close to four decades...


The band first saw the light of day when they crept out of a cave in the small (then stinky) town of Moss - Norway, in 1989. Much has happened over the years and there have been a few different line-ups. However, three of the four founding members are still with the band!


Jo Espen Johansen (howling and vocals), Freddy Blomberg (guitar) and Theodor Kristensen (drums) still wear their (self killed) polyester caveman outfits with pride! In the 90’s Freddy left the band (there were actual rumours that he was eaten by the rest of the band), and he was replaced with Frode Gundersen for a short period of time. Then Kåre João (drummer of Kåre and the Cavemen (or The Euroboys as they will be remembered as, outside the shores of Norway)) stepped in to handle the guitar.

During the start of the millennium’s first decade, four-string strummer Heidi Henriksen (bass) also left.


After public demand grew a few years back for the band to perform again, Heidi was replaced with Dag F. Gravem (also of Kåre and the Cavemen/Euroboys fame) taking over the four-string. Then, the mysterious disappearance of Freddy the guitarist was finally sorted out. He was alive and well, and still had a guitar! Freddy was welcomed back to join the band (and he still looks quite tasty and eatable) So the current line-up includes two sonic guitars.


Musically, The Cavebones were influenced by deranged and wild 50’s compilations like “Sin Alley”, and “Desperate Rock and Roll”. In fact, their first band rehearsals were all about covering artists that appeared on compilations like that. Other band influences from the early days

included the phantastic sounds of The Cramps and the neo-garage fame of The Fuzztones. Another band from Moss; The Cosmic Dropouts, also needs to be mentioned as an inspiration of the early days.


The Cavebones always were, and still is, a wild live band where their costumes and theatrical effects play an important role. The legendary Screaming Jay Hawkins was, and still is, a huge influence of the bands appearance. What the band then lacked in musical training they made up for in energy. The Cavebones always gave shows that were talked about and never forgotten. Coffins, sculls, bones, cobwebs, inflatable dinosaurs and caveman fur costumes has always been a part of the experience of a gig with Cavebones.



The Cavebones are:

Jo Espen Johansen - Vocals

Kåre Pedersen - Guitar

Dag F. Gravem - Bass

Theodor Kristensen - Drums

Freddy Blomberg – Guitar



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