Mambo Kurt / Bastard Bar

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  • Saturday 19 November 2022
  • 18:00 - 03:00
  • Starts: 22:00

Strandgata 22

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Aiaiai! Legenden Mambo Kurt kommer tilbake til Tromsø og Bastard bar! Siste gang han var på besøk surfet han helt til Blårock på en euforisk crowd. Dette en av de opplevensene du vil ikke gå glipp av. 

Mambo Kurt is coming to Norway and he's bringing his organ and new songs from his new album "Summer Hits" with him.

Mambo Kurt is a distinctive performer from Bochum, Germany, with an army of diehard fans, among who he enjoys an absolutely cult status. Seemingly innocently sitting at home by his organ, this one-man show performs famous rock hits in bossa nova, samba and polka versions, and sometimes he brings his ninety year-old piano teacher Heidi Schultz to sing Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols. If you like strange things or you’re simply a Rammstein fan, prepare yourself for a positive delirium on Mambo Kurt’s performance at his Orgelmassacre. What Mambo Kurt is able to play and perform on his magic orgel nevertheless sounds not at all old-fashioned, for sure ! He interprets classics of the pop-, rock- & metal-history in such an original and unique way that you easily fall in the right mood to swing and groove. So you’ll see people on his concerts shaking a leg, dancing in a polonaise and – you won’t believe it – even head banging and stage diving. In the end, you cannot really describe Mambo Kurt and his music, you’ll have to go and see yourself !!!


What can I expect live? An entertainer with a home organ playing cover versions of songs that you would never expect in a home organ. Hard rock and pop classics get a style all their own and it grooves mightily. The home organ continues with its magnificent sculpture sounds immediately to the dance floor and makes Mambo Kurt fans happy from the first second. These are sometimes meaningless, sometimes highly intellectual interim deposits of the master, it whimpers, it rocks. World-class. Mambo is the only musician who plays "Slayer" after "Dr. Alban“ and "Abba"after "Rage against the Machine". And nobody in the crowd would doubt his accuracy. A Mambo Kurt concert is only successful if there was a stage-diving and a polonaise, and until now it has always worked.


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